Our menu is a balance of perennial favorites with seasonal changes to reflect the offerings of our neighborhood farmers.


Charcuterie, premium Parisian ham, rosette saucisson, country style pâte, mustard and condiment – 14.00

Six  artisanal cheeses, chef selection – 13.00

P.E.I. mussels, white wine, shallots, parsley, Dijon mustard broth – 11.00

Classic escargots, in shells, persillade butter – ½ dz 12.00

Warm housemade pistachio sausage, Fingerling potato salad, red onion, celery – 10.95

Duck leg confit, ULC style, apples, walnuts, potato galette, watercress – 10.95

Steak tartare, filet mignon, hand chopped and made to order – 13.00 / 19.75

Pike quenelles, lobster bisque “Nantua” – 9.95

Endive salad, apples, Pecans, apple cider dressing – 8.50

Roasted red and golden beet salad, Goat cheese, frisee, walnut dressing – 9.50

Soupe du marchė – 6.25


Prime hanger steak “a la plancha”,

– Roasted shallot sauce and gratin Dauphinois


– Frites and bearnaise – 24.50

Pan roasted ½ chicken, Potato mousseline, natural jus – 21.00

Crispy sautéed skate filet, Lentils ‘le puy’, mustard sauce – 20.75

Roasted monkfish medallion, Savoy cabbage, bacon, red wine jus – 22.25

Braised lamb ‘osso bucco’, Sweet potato, garlic spinach – 24.75

Salsify and truffle risotto, Wild mushrooms, parmesan – 19.95


Foie gras burger, 8oz natural beef, mushrooms, tomato confit, seared foie gras, balsamic glaze – 15.50

Croque Monsieur, Premium Parisian ham and Comte cheese gratinė – 12.95

Croque Madame, topped with a pan fried egg..add 1.25


Frites – Gratin Dauphinois – 5.00

Market vegetables – Mushrooms – 6.00

Bar Bouchée is proud to support our local farmers, Coles Farm, Field House Farm, Starlight Gardens

Chef de Cuisine – David Borselle, Jr.

Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs reduce the risk of foodborne illness